Tad Shull is a tenor saxophonist, composer and bandleader with a number of records on Criss-Cross Jazz. His style combines the lush tone quality of the classic tenor saxophonists with the risk-taking harmonic approach of hard bop and beyond.

After studying with David Liebman and Joseph Allard, Shull worked with the Widespread Depression Jazz Orchestra and the Smithsonian Jazz Repertory Ensemble. More recently he has fronted his own quartets. He has performed with Cab Calloway, Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Eddie Higgins, Milt Hinton, Dave McKenna, Melvin Rhyne, and many others.

Recordings under Tad Shull’s name on the Criss Cross label include “Deep Passion” and “In the Land of the Tenor.” He has two discs with the Tenor Triangle, featuring Ralph Lalama, Eric Alexander, and Tad Shull with the Melvin Rhyne Trio: “Tell It Like It Is ” and “Aztec Blues,” for which Shull composed the title cut. He also teamed with tenor saxophonist Mark Turner for “Two Tenor Ballads” and appeared as a special guest on Mel Rhyne’s “Tomorrow Yesterday Today.”

Tad Shull is a brand communications consultant and trainer. He served as Development and Communications Director for the Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University for many years, and still consults with that organization. Shull specializes in providing access to and organizing the enormous and growing storehouse of information on jazz on the Internet. He is Editor of Jazz Studies Online, which presents resources for educators, students, and researchers. He is also creator and manager of J-DISC, an online resource for information about jazz recordings, the people who made them, and the culture they arise from. New J-DISC initiatives include linking information on artists in J-DISC to other useful resources; exploring ways to identify and distinguish jazz audio using machine learning and other engineering and mathematical tools; and creating a forum for jazz experts to discuss jazz recordings and the legacy of jazz history they contain.